Exclusive: Max Burkholder needs a ‘Babysitter’ in first clip from SXSW title

03.15.15 3 years ago

If you were a fan of the series “Parenthood,” then you are already well familiar with the work of Max Burkholder. On the show, he played the autistic son of Peter Krause and Monica Potter, and over the course of the show's run, the journey they wrote for his character was always one of the most emotionally difficult and demanding, and Burkholder always rose to whatever challenge they put before him as an actor.

That's why I'm excited to see “Babysitter,” the film that's playing at this year's SXSW festival. Here's the description from the SXSW site:

Ray Longway, a moody teenager, is a pawn in his parents' bitter divorce. His mother, a struggling actress who married rich, has grown accustomed to their cushy L.A. lifestyle but now, this lifestyle is threatened and depends solely on Ray”s custody decision. The family hires a Wiccan-practicing babysitter, Anjelika, who quickly fills the voids in everyones lives. After sharing a joint one night, Ray and Anjelika form a deep bond that unfolds into something strange and profound — but their entanglement is poised to jeopardize Ray's mother's master plan.

Daniele Watts co-stars as Anjelika, and the film is the first feature by writer/director Morgan Krantz. It'll be one of the last things I get a chance to see here at the festival, but only because of scheduling. I'm really excited to see it, and when I was asked if we'd premiere the first exclusive clip from the film, I was more than happy to say yes.

We'll have more on “Babysitter” before the end of the festival.

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