Exclusive: New ‘Assassin’s Bullet’ clip finds Christian Slater on a killer’s trail

07.31.12 5 years ago

’90s heartthrob Christian Slater is back on the big screen this Friday in the international vigilante thriller “Assassin’s Bullet.”

The film centers on a former FBI field agent (Slater) who is brought back in the espionage fold by a US Ambassador (“Hunger Games” co-star Donald Sutherland) in order to track down an unknown vigilante who has been killing America’s Most Wanted terrorists list throughout Eastern Europe. Sex and violence ensue.  Timothy Spall (the “Harry Potter” films) co-stars. 

In this exclusive clip (above), Robert (Slater) and Dr. Kahn (Spall) share information and a hookah among some sexy belly dancers. Sounds like Robert needs to confront his past in order to conquer the present.

The film was directed by Isaac Florentine, who helmed “Undisputed 2” and “Undisputed 3.”
“Assassin’s Bullet” opens Friday, August 3. 

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