Exclusive: Nude couple ties the knot in new ‘Buying Naked’ clip

07.18.14 3 years ago

Most couples wait until after the wedding to take their clothes off, but the folks on TLC's nudist reality show “Buying Naked” have other ideas. 

This season of is going out on a high note, with the nudie nuptials of Angel and Jim, who looks like  — and even sorta sounds likes — John Locke from “Lost”…only naked.

Their not completely nude, however. The bride is wearing a veil and a necklace, while the groom is doing the Chippendales thing by wearing a bowtie and a corsage on his bare chest. And he's polite enough to hold his junk during most of vows. 

Some of the attendees are in the buff as well, although there are quite a few fully-clothed squares. There's even a “Nudist Realtor,” in case you're looking for a new, completely naked house. 

As she tells us, “It doesn't matter whether you have clothes on or whether you have clothes off — it's all about love.” Right on, Nudist Realtor!

Check out an exclusive clip from this Saturday”s finale at the top of the story.

The full episode airs this Saturday at 11/10 CT on TLC.

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