Exclusive poster premiere: ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’

08.05.09 8 years ago


I know Tyler Perry isn’t really a name you see mentioned a lot here, but whether I like his films or not, I respect the fact that this guy has built a niche audience for himself that translates into real freedom to make his films his way.  I don’t have to be his target audience to admire the way he has reached that audience.

I always laugh when I see film nerds freak out because something they don’t like is popular with audiences that aren’t just like them.  It’s like when people get crazy about the little “Twilight” girlies.  Leave ’em alone… at least they like something.  At least they’re excited about something.  So much of fandom seems to exist to simply be negative that it just depresses me.  So even if I’m not Perry’s fanbase, I’m glad they exist… I’m glad they pay to go see movies in the theater… and I hope that fandom translates to them expanding their tastes to other movies and other filmmakers.

Today, Lionsgate asked us if we’d like to premiere the final one-sheet for “I Can Do Bad All By Myself,” his latest movie.  The official website also launches today.  Since Taraji Henson is the star of the film, meaning there’s a huge picture of her on the one-sheet, that is a very simple decision for me to make.  She’s not only lovely, she’s also a pretty remarkable actress, and it seems like Perry is using better and bigger casts each time out these days.

Check out the full-sized one-sheet after the jump:

The poster for Tyler Perry's

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