EXCLUSIVE Song Of The Day: Marching Band’s ‘better’ in ‘It’s Not Your Dream’

05.07.10 7 years ago

To hear Marching Band is to hear songs that could launch a thousand brands.

The Swedish duo make upbeat, indie-pop-loving soft-rock tunes that could be as easily in a commercial for chocolate bars as it could be in a hipster bar. While that may sound like a back-handed compliment, it’s more a testament to their likeable, short, harmonics and riff-heavy tunes, which are in abundance on their second full-length “Pop Cylce.”

The set, due next Tuesday (May 18) is out via indie publisher Urband & Lazar, who successfully got the band into movies (“Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) on radio (KCRW) and major placements online (iTunes-featured).

Check out an additional vid below for their “Another Day,” which is as cute as they are.

[Video and song stream after the jump…]

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