Exclusive: Sue heads to the Big City of Deadhorse in new ‘Life Below Zero’ clip

06.04.14 4 years ago

Bring your mittens. 

Check out an exclusive peek at “Life Below Zero: No Mercy,” the latest iteration of NatGeo's documentary series which chronicles the daily trials of six people who brave the cold in the most remote and extreme areas of Alaska.

The clips finds Sue leaving the comfort of her camp and trekking to the ominously-named town of Deadhorse on a supply run. Despite having the square footage and population of a typical urban alleyway, Deadhorse is still too crowded and industrial for Sue, who complains about the traffic noise and the exhaust smells. It just goes to show viewers that these folks are really off the grid, and that maybe viewers need to get back to nature every once in a while.

“No Mercy” premieres Thursday, June 5 at 9 p.m. 


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