Exclusive: Supergirl isn’t as American as apple pie anymore in BOMBSHELLS Chapter 3

08.07.15 2 years ago

DC Entertainment

Alternate reality WWII shenanigans continues this Saturday with Chapter 3 of DC Comics” digital-first series BOMBSHELLS. We”ve already met Batwoman and Wonder Woman. But what has Supergirl been up to in as her adopted planet devolves into all-out war?

The answer may surprise you. Writer Marguerite Bennett proposes a universe where super-powered aliens from dying worlds didn”t always land in the good old U.S. of A. From the press release:

Meet Kara and Kortni, two Russian stepsisters about to enter the war as fighter pilots. But when Kara's secret powers are revealed, it may be time for the coming of a Supergirl.

That”s right. Supergirl is a red-blooded Communist fighting for Mother Russia. HitFix Harpy got an exclusive look at what”s in store for fans this weekend. How will Supergirl come to join forces with the rest of the gang? Or will she? Find out when the chapter is released on August 8, 2015!

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