Exclusive: Tension mounts in ‘Dead Man’s Burden’ clip

05.02.13 5 years ago

Friday may kick off the summer movie season, but it’s also when the art house begins to get a boost as programmers try to offer alternative fare to the superhero battles and R-rated comedies that will overrun the local multiplex.  One new drama that will vie for moviegoers attention is Cinedigm’s period drama “Dead Man’s Burden.”

Directed by Jared Moshe, “Dead Man’s Burden” is set in 1870’s New Mexico, the story focuses on a married couple (Clare Bowen, David Call) whose plans to sell their land to a mining company are complicated by the surprise return of an older sibling, Wade (Barlow Jacobs), long thought dead.  In this exclusive clip provided to HitFix, Wade tries to stop the oil magnate who wants to buy the family’s land (Joseph Lyle Talor) from meeting with his brother and sister-in-law.  Wade believes the businessman behind his father’s untimely death.  Whether that’s really the case remains to be seen.

“Burden” debuted at the 2012 LAFF film festival and has received positive reviews on the festival circuit. You can watch the clip embedded at the top of this article.

“Dead Man’s Burden” opens in New York Friday.

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