Exclusive: ‘The Sandman: Overture #3’ Cover Art Is Beautifully Surreal


DC Entertainment

When Vertigo announced last year that Neil Gaiman would be returning to the world of The Endless finish the untold story of how Morpheus was imprisoned by a mere human at the beginning of ‘The Sandman,’ fans the world over rejoiced. On April 30th, 2014 the saga continues with the third issue of this six-part miniseries. HitFix was fortunate enough to get an exclusive first look at the exquisite cover art for ‘The Sandman: Overture #3’ by J.H. Williams, III.

As an added bonus, a tantalizing pinch of the plot from Vertigo: “The armies of the night are gathering. The universe is beginning its final dance. Morpheus, far from home, walks the path of madness, accompanied only by himself.”

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

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