Exclusive: Wonder Woman is not pleased with what the Amazons have done

06.01.15 3 years ago

DC Entertainment

Wonder Woman faces one her greatest threats yet. The betrayal is coming from inside the house Paradise Island!

This summer, WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1 sets up the epic finale to the “War-Torn” storyline. Donna Troy, destined to become Diana”s ultimate nemesis, faces off against Wonder Woman in a battle that seals the fate of Paradise Island.

After the dust settles, read the backup story and discover the circumstances that led to Hippolyta”s rise to power as Queen of the Amazons as an ancient threat pits her people against the Spartans.

Cover by Jonathan Glapion, David Finch.

After the jump HitFix Harpy has your exclusive first look at the first few pages of WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1. The comic will be on sale on June 3, 2015.

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