Fangirl Fashion: Spider-Gwen tank hoodie, Chewbacca leggings, and more


I live. I die. I live again.

Shut Up and Take My Money has passed into the Great Blogging Beyond™. From the ashes arrives a new weekly feature about fashion for fangirls. Nearly everything that was catching my fancy for SUATMM was wearable anyway. This way we cut out the middle man.

Do you like fashion? Do you like geek culture? Do like to show off your love of both by plastering your body with branded clothing and stealth cosplay? Then this is the weekly column for you! Ever Thursday, Fangirl Fashion will feature some of the best options from across fandom to display your affection.

This week we”ve got Star Wars, Spider-Gwen, the Cheshire Cat, and the Last Unicorn! Count the days until payday and make a plan of attack, because you”re going to want it all.

#1. Put Han Solo between your legs.
Not like THAT. On some fashion forward leggings. Stock up now before the frigid Hoth winters return.

Pick yours up at Wizards of the West.

#2. Everything”s better with Spider-Gwen.
You want a Spider-Gwen hoodie? You want a Spider-Gwen hoodie but it”s frickin” JUNE and hot outside? You”re covered either way!

Check out the whole collection over at We Love Fine.

#3. Cheshire Cat will lead you to a party.
But first, you have to wear him as shoes. Don”t ask questions. Just play along.

Order yours today from Shoe Fury.

#4. We”re brining unicorns back into style.
Or at least “The Last Unicorn.” Show off your 80s pop culture knowledge and answer Millennial questions about “What”s on your dress?”

Buy yours at Gold Bubble Clothing.

Have you seen something geek fashionistas have to know about? Send your suggestions to!

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