Welcome to the hellscape

08.06.15 2 years ago

What would you do if you saw a man on fire flying through your neighborhood?

Thanks to a clever marketing stunt ahead of the release of “Fantastic Four”, you no longer have to ask yourself that question.

Inspired by Johnny Storm, a.k.a. The Human Torch, Thinkmodo created a human-shaped drone, set it on fire, and sent it sailing trough the night skies of an unsuspecting neighborhood. In a cute nod to Johnny”s famous catch phrase, the remote switch that sets the drone ablaze is labeled “flame on”.

Frankly, if this were an area populated by humans rather than what appears to be a haven for renegade demons, the stunt would inspire at least a minor panic if not “War of the Worlds”-like pandemonium. I”m not sure what says “the end is night” more than a man-sized fire drone sailing past your bedroom window. Any reasonable human could only assume that it had emerged from hell itself. If not directly from Beelzebub”s bowls.

I like it.

Take a look at the stunt unfold in the video above.

“Fantastic Four” is set to open in theaters on August 6.

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