First ‘Finding Dory’ clip is very familiar… too familiar

05.26.16 1 year ago

Crush is back! Sweeeeet.

Following a few trailers that have let us dive into Finding Dory, Disney has released the first clip from the upcoming Pixar sequel. Featured in this clip are Crush and his fellow East Australian Current turtles.

Though I”ve been excited to return to the gorgeous seascape of my favorite Pixar film and see new, beautifully crafted scenes of this world, I”m disappointed in this clip. It looks so much – too much – like the EAC scene in Finding Nemo. A lot of the blocking and layout of the animation here is the very similar to that in the turtles sequence in the first movie. If I couldn”t hear the dialogue in this clip, and if I were looking at a screen too small to tell that that”s Nemo there next to Dory, I might mistake it for a scene from the first movie. Any chance I can hope to see Crush venture out of the EAC in this movie?

Finding Dory will open in theaters on Friday, June 17.

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