First ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 art pulls the rug out from under Jon Snow debate

11.23.15 1 year ago

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Ever since the Night”s Watch betrayed Jon Snow last season on “Game of Thrones,” the fandom has split into two groups: those that think Jon Snow is dead and those that don”t. A group of “Jon Snow Truthers” even so far as to star keeping tabs on Kit Harington”s hair length.

But now that debate can be laid to rest. HBO has released the first bit of key art for the new season…

Image Credt: HBO



The show has done a pretty terrible – aka nonexistent – job of showing how each of the Stark children are connected to their Dire Wolves. In the novels, all the Stark children can warg into their wolves…not just Bran. Book readers have long wondered if Jon would warg into Ghost at the last moment since GRRM spent so much time talking about the wilding that did the same.

However, with the return of Melisandre to Castle Black in the finale of the HBO version it seems she”ll be key in saving Jon”s life. If you recall, magic returning to the world means the Red Priest/Priestess” can actually perform miracles again. The Red Priest that keeps bringing Beric Dondarrion back to life was just as surprised by his power as anyone else.

Jon”s survival also reinforces that his parentage has a role to play still. Whether that means Jon will get a dragon due to his father”s blood or will become King in the North due to his mother”s (or both!) the world isn”t done with Jon Targaryen.

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