First Look: Daft Punk reveal ‘Tron’ image, snippet of new track

10.12.10 7 years ago


I don’t blame anybody for getting excited about the “Tron” sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” but equally exhilarating is Daft Punk’s appearance in the film, and the promise of new material from French dance music duo.

Disney has now revealed its Daft Punk “Tron” teaser poster, on the heels of the news that the robotic pair are, indeed, will be in the film as well as providing its score and soundtrack. In the flick, it may surprise you to learn that they’ll play helmet-wearing DJs.

However, the release date has now been pushed back from its original, Thanksgiving-ish drop, to Dec. 7. There is still the guarantee that those who pre-order the CD version will get a poster of Daft Punk in the Grid from “Tron” with their package. Christmas: still coming early.

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In addition to the poster, a 90-second snippet of a Daft Punk track from the “Legacy” soundtrack, “The Game Has Changed,” is up on the “Tron” Facebook page.

On October 28, select theaters will be screening 20 minutes of the film in IMAX. It cost nothing, but you have to get your tickets online, starting now.

“Tron: Legacy” is out in theaters on Dec. 17. That’s 10 weeks to go, people.

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