First Look: David Tennant as Peter Vincent in new images from ‘Fright Night’

09.01.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

New images from the currently filming remake of 1985’s “Fright Night” depicts David Tennant in a publicity banner for his character Peter Vincent, a Chris Angel type Las Vegas Magician. The goatee’d magic man is almost unrecognizable from Tennant’s hugely popular portrayal of the title character of the long running BBC television show “Dr. Who.”


Peter Vincent was originally a washed up old actor who hosted a late night horror movie show called “Fright Night.” Roddy McDowall played him as a sad and fearful shell of a man who finally redeems himself while helping the main character, Charley Brewster, vanquish a real life vampire (Chris Sarandon) who has moved in next door and begun killing his friends and assorted prostitutes.


The much younger Tennant playing a character with a completely different background to McDowall’s Peter Vincent signals that the this remake will not be entirely faithful to the original script by Tom Holland, who also directed. The new version is penned by “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” writer and show runner Marti Noxon. The new film is being directed by Craig Gillespe (Lars and the Real Girl.) Tennant’s too-serious gaze may be an indication as to the revamped film’s sense of humor.


Tennant is joined in the new cast by Anton Yelchin playing the roll of Charley and Colin Farrell will don the fangs of the vampire nemesis Jerry Dandrige. Christopher Mintz-Plasse will play the role of Charley’s best friend “Evil’ Ed Thompson originally made memorable by Stephene Geoffreys.


Images are below


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