First Look: Hit Girl Chloe Moretz in vampire drama ‘Let Me In’

05.07.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

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When I was at SXSW this year, I sat down to discuss “Let Me In” with Matt Reeves.  “Let Me In” is, of course, the remake of the acclaimed international success “Let The Right One In,” and that original featured two of the best performances from young actors in recent memory.

So of course the trickiest part of making a new version of the film is finding a young cast who can bring something equally interesting to the table, and who can handle the somewhat adult demands of the material.  And even if I’m not excited about the idea of someone taking this story on again so soon after someone got it right in the first place, Reeves made some good points about what he’s trying to do.

And he hired Chloe Moretz.

If there’s one thing that people agreed upon regarding “Kick-Ass,” it was that Moretz absolutely crushed it in her work as Hit Girl, the 12-year-old killing machine who many people felt stole the film from her adult co-stars.  The role she’s playing in the film is absolutely key to the success of it, and she’s more than up for the challenge.  A lot of the film depends on how she and Kodi Smit-McPhee work together, and he’s the one that makes me nervous.  I know people who liked “The Road” quite a bit, but I thought one of the things that hobbled the film was his work.

Any time you build a movie around young performers, it’s an act of faith.  Someone like Moretz is uncommon, where you get a real sense of them as children onscreen but where they can also handle the heavy emotional lifting with subtlety and intelligence.  The sense that there’s an old soul behind young eyes is what made Hit Girl work so well, and it’s exactly what we need from the lead character in “Let Me In” for the film to carry the same impact that the original did.  Moretz is the one thing that makes me hold off my natural inclination to rail against this remake, because I’m curious to see her work and see if she really is as good as I think she may be.  I’d hate to think that “Kick-Ass” was an accident, and I’d love to see her repeat that level of work.

Here’s the still that Overture Films sent over this morning:

“Let Me In” opens October 1st, 2010, and also stars the great Richard Jenkins as the creepy caretaker of Moretz, another case of someone getting casting dead right.

Fingers crossed.

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