First Look: Jack Black makes ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ a big hit

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There’s a reason director Rob Letterman has been brought on board the potential Taylor Lautner franchise “Stretch Armstrong.”  It’s not because of his solid work directing the underrated “Monsters vs. Aliens,” its the buzzed about transition to live action he’s said to have made on the upcoming Jack Black adventure “Guilliver’s Travels.”  

For 20th Century Fox, “Travels” was easily just a twist on the formulaic family comedy they discovered with the “Night at the Museum” films.  Fantastical story plus hip and/or snarky leading man to bring in both the moms, dads, kids and even some teenagers too.  In fact, Word has been spreading around Hollywood that “Travels” is actually less formulaic than expected and a welcome, entertaining surprise.  The first trailer or “Travels” doesn’t promise anything edgy enough to warrant a PG-13 rating (there is no way Fox won’t let “Travels” be PG), but it does show an unexpected flair or a Christmas tentpole.  Thank you screenwriters Nicholas Stoller (“Get Him to the Greek”) and Joe Stillman (the first two “Shrek” movies).

This time around, however, the classic Jonathan Swift tale finds Black playing Lemuel Gulliver, a “dude” whose life is at a dead end working in a corporate mailroom.  When he discovers his new boss is years younger than him, he comes up with a plan to become a journalist to impress a magazine editor played by Amanda Peet.  She bites on his story and his first assignment?  A trip to the famed Bermuda Triangle.  One big storm later and Guliver wakes up to find himself captured by a nation of little people. Very little people. Still, Gulliver is out to prove being a giant can be full of advantages.

You can watch the trailer embedded below and also check out the first poster from the flick as well.  Is “Gulliver’s Travels” intriguing enough to make your holiday wish list?  Share your thoughts below.

“Gulliver’s Travels” opens nationwide on Dec. 22.

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