First Look: Penelope Cruz in U.S. ‘Broken Embraces’ poster

07.08.09 9 years ago

Sony Pictures Classics

Through all the ups and downs at this year’s Cannes Film Festival one of the most constant refrains was the more than solid performance of Penelope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces.” 

Described as a melodramtic homage to Hitchockian thrillers such as “Vertigo,” “Embraces” is the fourth collaboration between longtime friends Cruz and Almodovar.  In fact, it was Almodovar’s “Volver” which provided Cruz with her first Oscar nomination in 2007.  She lost out to “The Queen’s” Helen Mirren that year, but won this past go around for her superb comic performance in “Vicky Christina Barcelona.”

Sony Pictures Classics was kind enough to provide HitFix with the debut of the domestic one-sheet (see below), which is one part of the Andy Warhol-esque campaign used overseas.

The U.S. trailer is expected to be released very soon, but check out an international trailer (with English subtitles) here.

“Broken Embraces” should be an awards season player even before it opens in New York on November 20 and Los Angeles December 11.  (Although we’d humbly suggest there is no benefit in spreading it out SPC.  Not when there are ten slots to fighte for in the new awards season arena.) 

In any event, it’s a striking image for a movie well worth looking forward to.

Check out the poster and share your thoughts below.

Penelope Cruz in 'Broken Embraces Poster

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