First Look: Ryan Reynolds debuts as ‘Green Lantern’

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Entertainment Weekly

The first official photo of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) in full Green Lantern costume lights up the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly. It is sure to get fans of both Reynolds and Green Lantern talking excitedly, or in the case of this fan, somewhat doubtfully.

There is no harder trick to pull off, it seems, than translating a costumed hero’s costume from pen and ink to flesh and blood. Early attempts failed because, well, superheroes are really fit and and you can’t just throw spandex on any old guy from central casting. That didn’t stop Hollywood from trying, and many a superhero movie bombed because of it. This was largely the trend until the 80’s batman, when they made up for Keaton’s lack of muscle tone by turning Batman’s spandex into a suit of anatomically correct armor.

In this day and age, actors, like Reynolds are actually fit enough not to need much padding, and they seem to have kept it pretty skin tight, although it’s definitely not spandex. From this picture, we can tell the Corps uniform, as worn by Hal Jordan, is styled to suggest anatomically correct human muscle tissue, all imbued with an internal glow. The anatomical nature of the suit may suggest “Slim Goodbody” to some, and “Hellraiser” to others. The photo is taken at such a straight angle, his mask makes his eyes look close together and beady.

A question: Was his hair always as green as The Jokers? Really?

It’s hard to tell what the overall impression will be, (there’s another unreleased picture inside the magazine for another look) and this fan will wait to see if another feat of movie magic has been achieved, or if we’ll yet again be be reminded of that live action 70’s TV version of Spider Man.

Entertainment Weekly Hits newsstands today.

Green Lantern Opens Friday June 17, 2011 in theaters everywhere.

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