First Look: Steven Spielberg returns to Sci-Fi TV with “Terra Nova”

05.17.10 7 years ago


Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg hasn’t had the track record in television that he’s had on the big screen (“Seaquest DSV” comes to mind), but he continues to try and match the critical acclaim he’s found with mini-series such as “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.”

According to a FOX press release, “the action-adventure series follows an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a part of a massive expedition to save the human race.”

That’s not much to go on for now, but with producers Peter Chernin, Brannon Braga (“24,” “Star Trek: Enterprise”) and David Fury (“24,” “Lost”) also on board, this is one series that genre fans will have an eye on in 2011.

So far, all we have to go for this one image and a logo.  And yes, the “Avatar” comparisons have not gone unnoticed (at least with the released key art).

Steven Spielberg returns to TV with Fox's Terra Nova

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