First picture of Henry Cavill as Superman in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’

07.03.14 3 years ago 7 Comments

Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

At the beginning of this week we brought you picture of Henry Cavill on set for 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  In that image, Cavill was, seemingly, dressed as Clark Kent.  Today, as we head into the July 4th holiday, we have a new image with the actor indisputably dressed as Superman.

You can see a crop of the image above, and the full picture is below.  The costume looks exceptionally similar (maybe even the exact same, definitely tell us if you spot differences) to the one Cavill wore in “Man of Steel.”

Along with publishing the image, USA Today included some quotes from a talk with Zack Snyder.  In the article, the director of “Batman V Superman” and “Man of Steel” has a lot to say about working with Cavill and the meaning of the title itself. 

The discussion of the title may be a little odd, but what isn't odd is the way Snyder discussed the anticipation for the new movie.  “You can talk all you want about other superhero movies, but it's Batman and Superman, let's just be honest,” the director said. “I don't know how you get bigger than that.”

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” opens May 6, 2016.  The movie is currently shooting in Detroit, and we will be sure to bring you new information as it comes.


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