Isla Fisher and Jerry Bruckheimer ‘Confess’

02.09.09 9 years ago

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OK, do you have something to confess?  We’re betting you’ve always had a crush on Isla Fisher since she first popped on the scene as Vince Vaughn’s crazy stalker in “Wedding Crashers.”  Now, Mrs. Sacha Baron Cohen is finally getting her due as a leading lady in the new romantic comedy “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”

Based on the series of novels by author Sophie Kinsella, the setting of Rebecca Bloomwood’s adventures have moved from London to New York on the big screen, but she’s still suffering from a seriously scary problem of addictive purchasing. In an almost reverse scenario of  “A Devil Wears Prada,”   Bloomwood (Fisher, obviously) takes a job at a financial magazine hoping to sneak her way into the “Vogue” rip off on the top floor.  Along the way, she falls for her editor (sly played by Hugh Dancy) and deals with the very real problem of a debt collector who just won’t take “no” for an answer (yep, it’s actually timely).

Fisher, who keeps the press as far away as possible when she’s not promoting a specific project (just like her husband), was incredibly friendly and still experiencing that “I can’t believe I’m the star of a big movie” syndrome during our interview.  Dancy seemed a bit tired, but it was understandable considering he’d just returned from a whirlwind Sundance Film Festival trip where he got raves for his performance in the drama “Adam” (which Fox Searchlight quickly picked up for a release later this year).  Bruckheimer was Bruckheimer; the legendary producer has got an amazing ability to concisely answer any question in less than 30 seconds without giving too much away and yet all with a pleasant smile on his face. 

Big kudos though have to go to Kristin Scott Thomas who has a rare comedic role as the campy European editor of the fashion mag Bloomwood so desperately wants to work for.  Only a few days before, the acclaimed star of “I’ve Loved You So Long” was surprisingly passed over for a Best Actress Oscar nomination by “Frozen River’s” Melissa Leo.   No one would have put it past her to skip out of the hundreds of interviews where the sad subject no doubt came up, but Ms. Thomas was too classy and too professional to take that easy route. 

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” opens nationwide this Friday, Feb. 13. Check out the interviews with Fisher, Bruckheimer, Dancy and Scott Thomas below.

Isla Fisher on still expecting to be edited out of the movie, mothering on the set and basing her character on a good friend.

Jerry Bruckheimer on how he keeps his busy schedule going and what upcoming projects excite him the most.

Hugh Dancy on how working on his upcoming indie “Adam” made him pine to work on a Bruckheimer flick.

Kristin Scott Thomas on how the fashion world inspired her performance.

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