FKA twigs’ ‘Video Girl’ vid is a death row nightmare

10.29.14 3 years ago

FKA twigs has made a haunting out of her music video for “Video Girl.”

The song itself addresses a 19-year-old mother-of-two who “dances” on a camera for others to watch. It's an eerie, creeper of a song to begin with. The “watching” activity goes a step further in its accompanying new clip. 

FKA twigs herself looks on at an inmate being strapped down and killed by lethal injection. Initially, she is crying, alone, made cold by the activity as she watches through a window.

But then something flips, and she is in the execution room dancing by the bound man in stuttering strange steps. She starts crawling up on his table as he starts to go under due to the drugs, bodily taunting him as she straddles him and captures the mic hanging from the ceiling, which is documenting the sound of someone dying.

This is not a mating dance or a sexual advance. She is spookily exasperating him in his dying moments. She's either a victim of the criminal (appearing as a ghost), or someone affected by his crimes (appearing in his or her imagination), but either way FKA twigs makes moves to transcend from bystander to supernatural punisher. Powerful stuff. And pretty freaky. Happy Halloween.

“Video Girl” is on FKA twigs' album “LP1.”

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