Foo Fighters debut new song at presidential July 4 gig

07.06.09 8 years ago

For Independence Day Saturday, Foo Fighters let a new song, “Wheels,” free.

The Dave Grohl-led rock outfit was performing a concert for President Barack Obama and company on the White House lawn in Washington, D.C., a special USO event held for military vets and heroes.

“It’s about that feeling when the wheels touch the ground [from an airplane] and you’re like ‘Oh God, I’m glad that’s over with,'” Grohl said, introducing the track.

“Wheels” is one of two new, Butch Vig-produced tracks that the Foos worked on for a forthcoming release this fall. No word on if the unnamed album is an anthology, collection of hits, what-have-you.

As previously reported, the Foo Fighters are (generally) on hiatus this year. Bassist Nate Mendel will be spending time with his newly reunited old band Sunny Day Real Estate.

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