Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins to play Iggy Pop in ‘CBGB’

06.05.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

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Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is gearing up to play a film role he knows all too well — rock star.

He’s joining the upcoming “CBGB” and will appear as punk icon Iggy Pop, whose onstage antics (blood, peanut butter, nudity) are legendary. Hawkins has the long blonde hair already, but does he look good without a shirt?

The film’s cast is full of well-known faces playing the famous (and sometimes infamous) names of the late ’70s era NYC punk scene that revolved around the titular night club.

“Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint is playing Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome, while Malin Akerman (“Rock of Ages”) is playing Blondie front woman Debbie Harry. Grint’s “Potter” co-star, Alan Rickman, will portray CBGB founder Hilly Kristal.

Also joining the cast are Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory”) as famed manager Terry Ork, and Mickey Sumner (“The Borgias”) as punk poetess Patti Smith, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Other smaller names have also been announced. Steven Schub (“Chicago 8”) will play Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone, while Evan Alex Cole (“She”s Outta My League”) will tackle Richard Hell. On the non-musical side, Peter Vack will be author Legs McNeil, who later chronicled the scene in the seminal “Please Kill Me.” Likewise, Kerry Bische (“Red State”) will appear as Mary Harron, the young journalist who later went on to direct “I Shot Andy Warhol” and “American Psycho.”  

The film was written by Randall Miller and Jody Savin (“Bottle Shock”), and Miller will direct. The film starts production laster this month in Savannah, Georgia and will move to NYC where it will wrap.

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