Former Bachelor everybody hated is now ‘The Bachelor’ again

09.27.10 7 years ago


In what will likely either be a stroke of genius or an epic failure for the ABC dating franchise, Brad Womack has enlisted for a second tour-of-duty as “The Bachelor.”
Although several ultimately rejected contenders would later make appearances as the title stars, Womack will become the first star of the “Bachelor” franchise to star in a second season.
In the press release announcing his return, ABC even admits that Womack was “once considered by many to be the ‘most hated Bachelor’ in the series’ history.”
Womack’s crime? Facing the choice between either Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas in the show’s November 2007 finale, Womack chose neither woman. Given the less-than-sterling track record for “Bachelor” couples, you wouldn’t think this was a sin, but fans were most certainly up in arms and let Womack hear their discontent. As a result, Womack has undergone an extreme makeover.
ABC’s press release promises, “For the last three years he has undergone intensive therapy, looking at who he was in a quite painful journey of self-awareness. In the meantime, he put his head down and worked – buying and selling three companies and building one from the ground up. And although he has dated during this time, he hasn”t had a serious relationship. Adding to his sense of urgency are his two brothers:
Chad, his twin, is not only married now but has a daughter; and Wes, his younger brother, who also is married, now has a little boy and girl. Brad is the last one without a wife or family.”
The network says that Womack “desperately wanted to fix whatever it was that wasn’t allowing him to let people into his life.”
Apparently nobody suggested, “Stop looking for love on reality TV shows” as  a viable option.
Womack’s second “Bachelor” tenure, featuring what we assume will be the most cautious group of Bachelorettes ever, will begin in January 2011 on ABC.

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