Four Reasons why ‘Inception’ will surprise you

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Director Christopher Nolan has been very selective about what materials are released regarding his new critically acclaimed thriller “Inception” and to be honest, you cant really fault him.  It’s a film full of secrets and twists and Nolan is one filmmaker who doesn’t want the audience spoiled before they head into the theater.  Luckily, he did find four scenes in his 2-hour opus that were deemed suitable to intrigue moviegoers into making “Inception” their first choice at the multiplex this weekend.  And, each clip artfully represents four reasons why this pundit thinks the potential Oscar contender will surprise you.

Christopher Nolan has a vision like no other.
In this scene watch Ariadne (Ellen Page) discover what happens when she’s fully cognizant of her own dreams.  Special effects are part of the magic, but it’s how Nolan integrates them skillfully into the set piece that makes it really work.

This flick has a sense of humor.
One of the actors audiences will remember the most from “Inception” is Tom Hardy.  The Brit best known for his work in “Star Trek: Nemesis” and “Bronson” shines and provides a ton o comic relief as a freelance dream extractor that joins DiCaprio’s team in the film.

The legendary Michael Caine is in it more than you’d think.
Nolan’s ‘Alfred’ plays the crucial role of DiCaprio’s former mentor who provides him with a new “dream architect” played by Ellen Page.  He’s also a soothsayer of what is to come.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a smooth operator.
His character may be a stressed out, desperate man in “Inception,” but DiCaprio provides one of the slickest, convincing performances of his career.  Wouldn’t you buy stocks from him after this pitch?

Are you seeing “Inception” this weekend?

“Inception” opens nationwide and in IMAX on Friday.

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