Fox announces Chloe’s return for ’24: Live Another Day’

08.01.13 4 years ago

Fox announces Chloe’s return for “24: Live Another Day”
“I’m going to start sharpening my computer skills now!” Mary Lynn Rajskub said in a statement.

Fox remaking “Broadchurch”
The UK series starring David Tennant about the mysterious death of a young boy will become a limited series. “Broadchurch” premieres on BBC America on Aug. 7.

Bryan Cranston hopes to direct his 1st movie now that “Breaking Bad” is over

“I hope to, in the latter part of next year, I hope to be directing a screenplay that I wrote,” he says. “It’s a murder mystery… It”s a very dark subject, very Breaking Bad in tone, with some sick humor connected to it.” PLUS: Warren Buffett praises Walter White.

Simon Cowell is accused of adultery in friend’s divorce papers
Lauren Silverman’s husband has listed “The X Factor” judge as a co-respondent. PLUS: Socialite allegedly targeted Simon for a “paternity payday.”

Why Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones were the best choices for “Parks and Rec’ to write off
Chris Traeger never really found his place in Pawnee, says Alan Sepinwall, while Ann Perkins became redundant with Ben Wyatt’s arrival. PLUS: Aubrey Plaza has a girl crush on Amy Poehler.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: I’d be up for a “Buffy” movie

“Joss and I always talk about (a movie),” Gellar tells E!. “But the thing with ‘Buffy’ is that ‘Buffy’ was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film.”

Syfy renews “Continuum”

The Rachel Nichols drama will be back for Season 3.

“Modern Seinfeld” Twitter account creator lands a job on a sitcom
Jack Moore’s @seinfeldtoday has earned him a job on the writing staff of Fox’s “Us & Them.”

“Shark After Dark” books Tara Reid, Mark Cuban, Dominic Monaghan
They’ll appear on the Shark Week late-night talk show.

Jimmy Kimmel lets Johnny Knoxville spoon his staff
“I’m a stage five spooner,” says the “Jackass” star.

“America’s Got Talent” has its audience rehearse how to clap

“We rehearsed clapping politely,” Kevin Fallon writes of his experience at Wednesday’s show. “Then we rehearsed clapping enthusiastically. We rehearsed giving a standing ovation. We rehearsed giving a gradual standing ovation-you stood up first if your birthday was between January and March, a few seconds later if April through August, and last if September through December. No one really got it right.”

“Drop Dead Diva” books Trevor Donovan
The “90210” alum will play the worst “best man” ever.

Watch “The Awesomes” from Seth Meyers
The “wonderfully silly” Hulu animated series features Meyers and several of his fellow “SNL” cast members. PLUS: Meyers on making “The Awesomes.”

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