FOX gets ‘Mobbed’ up with Howie Mandel in March

02.18.11 7 years ago


FOX has set a March premiere date for “Mobbed,” an hour-long special hosted by Howie Mandel.
“Mobbed” will air at 9 p.m. on Thursday, March 31, where it’s sure to initially have plenty of viewers, courtesy of “American Idol.”
The special blends hidden camera hijinks with the flash mob phenomenon, as Mandel and hundreds of strangers help people plan surprise performances for friends and loved ones. Apparently there are people out there who think that the perfect way to tell your husband you’re pregnant or a job applicant that they have a job is via flash mob. 
And who are we to argue?
“It”s so exciting to be a part of this huge musical spectacle never before attempted on this scale,” states Mandel (“Deal or No Deal”), who we assume avoided physical contact with the various mobs.
Mandel co-created the concept with Darryl Trell and Howard Kitrosser.
“Mobbed” will take the schedule slot previously announced for a preview of “United Jamie Foxx/Affion Crockett Project,” which will premiere in June. Perhaps the extra time will give FOX the opportunity to come up with a name for the show.

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