FOX makes ‘Fringe,’ ‘Glee’ repeats Twitter-ific

08.31.09 8 years ago

Justin Stephens/FOX

Following in the footsteps of ABC’s pop-up “Lost” repeats, FOX is going to integrate Twitter into a pair of repeats this week.

Both Thursday (Sept. 3) night’s “Fringe” and Friday (Sept. 4) night’s “Glee” will be self-described “tweet-peats,” FOX announced on Monday. 

What does that mean? During those two episodes, cast and producers from those two shows will be providing commentary, answering questions and offering insights on the shows via Twitter. The tweets will be available both online and via a lower-third on-screen crawl. Talent from the shows will be tweeting during both East and West Coast broadcasts.

No, FOX hasn’t bought an ownership stake in Twitter — a social networking site on which users communicate at 140-characters per message, just in case you’ve been living in a pleasantly isolated cave — but the network is still urging fans to sign up and follow the “Fringe” event at and the “Glee” event at Fans are advised to remember to use the proper hash tags — #FRINGE and #GLEE — to helpfully aggregate their tweets.

If you’re curious, Thursday’s “Fringe” is “The Road Not Taken” episode, in which Olivia begins experiences awake dreams after a woman spontaneously combusts in the street. The “Glee” episode will actually be the week’s second reairing of the pilot, following Wednesday night’s extended director’s cut. 

The first full season of “Glee” premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 9, while “Fringe” returns for its second season on Thursday, Sept. 17.

So who will actually be tweeting this week?

From “Fringe” (Thursday, Sept. 3, 9:00–10:00 PM ET/PT):

Jeff Pinkner, Executive Producer (ET/PT) — @jpfringe —

J.H. Wyman, Executive Producer (ET/PT) — @jwfringe —

Josh Jackson (ET) — @peterbishop2 — 

John Noble (ET) — @labdad1 —

From “Glee” (Friday, Sept. 4, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT):  

Lea Michele (ET) — @msleamichele —

Kevin McHale (ET) — @druiddude —

Mark Salling (ET) — @mark_salling —

Cory Monteith (PT) — @frankenteen  —

Amber Riley (PT) — @msamberriley —

Chris Colfer (PT) — @chriscolfer —

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