Fox remaking ‘Luther’ with Idris Elba serving as exec producer

11.18.14 3 years ago


Fox remaking “Luther” with Idris Elba serving as exec producer
Elba and “Luther” creator Neil Cross are on board for the remake of the BBC psychological detective series, which has run three seasons from 2010 through 2013. But Elba isn”t expected to star in the American remake.

Jimmy Fallon replaces U2 with a Bono impression, plus Jim Carrey and a Jeff Daniels puppet
“The Tonight Show” host had some heavy hitters on his first of five nights replacing the Irish rockers. PLUS: Allison Williams teaches Fallon to fly like Peter Pan.

“State of Affairs” has NBC's 2nd-best drama premiere in 2 years
The Katherine Heigl drama benefitted last night from “The Voice” lead-in.

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Getting advertisers to buy time on a new Bill Cosby sitcom could prove difficult
While it”s premature to declare Cosby”s new NBC family sitcom dead, the nature of his accusations coupled with it being a family sitcom would make his sitcom comeback seem unlikely.

“American Idol” alum Michael Johns died of an enlarged heart
The coroner”s report found that Johns, who died Aug. 1, suffered from a condition that inhibits the flow of blood to the body, which caused his heart to enlarge.

LL Cool J wasn”t as bothered by the “Aaliyah” biopic: “It”s a TV MOVIE”
“For a TV movie it was OK,” he says. “I think the lead girl did a pretty good job. Obviously there were some casting choices that could”ve been a little different… I think Hollywood needs learn how to touch the people that created the culture and stop trying to do it without us. What you want me on the radio trying to ruin careers? I don”t wanna dog them out or be politically correct. I just think they need to do a better job. But it”s a TV MOVIE.”

Natalie Dormer tells Conan how she”d like to die on “Game of Thrones”
Having wrapped Season 5, she says she”s “entering into the fraternity of ‘what the f-“s going to happen to me now?””

MTV documentary seeking white people who feel discriminated against
An ad for a potential documentary asks: “Do you think some people treat you unfairly because you”re white? Do you think people in your community exclude you or treat you as second-class because you”re white?”

One Direction”s Zayn Malik slams Matt Lauer
The boy band star didn”t like the “Today” host implying he had a drug problem because he missed yesterday”s interview.

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