FOX renews ‘The Simpsons’ through Season 28

05.04.15 2 years ago


Taking us one step closer to the apocalyptic reality implied by Don Hertzfeldt's season-opening couch gag, “The Simpsons” was renewed for two additional seasons on Monday (May 4) afternoon.

This latest renewal, which FOX called a “Double D'OHse” takes “The Simpsons” through its 27th and 28th season, which will bring Matt Groening's creation to 625 episodes.

“I've outlasted Letterman, Jon Stewart and ‘McDreamy,” because I have something they don”t: a costly 200-donut-a-day addiction,” blurbs Homer Simpson, who is a fictional animated character and not a real person capable of giving press release statements.

In its current season, “The Simpsons” is averaging 6 million viewers and a 2.7 rating among adults 18-49. It still ranks among the Top 10 shows on broadcast TV in men 18-34 and male teens.

This past weekend's episode was No.572 for the Emmy-winning favorite.

And, honestly, given the show's production timetable, I'm not sure how this was possibly news. 

But… At least two more seasons of “The Simpsons.”


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