Watch Fred Armisen’s infomercial for Queens of the Stone Age’s new album flash drive

07.09.13 4 years ago

“Remember the compact disc?” Myself and HitFix cohort Liana Maeby only barely do, so that’s why you may want to jump on the USB bandwagon. Or at least that’s what Fred Armisen’s latest character Ricky Chism is trying to get you to do.

Queens of the Stone Age are putting their new album “… Like Clockwork” on a special USB Flash Drive that contains extra goodies like all of the music videos, lyrics and hi-rez photos, plus there’s the rest of that 8 gig to spare (and it doubles as a bottle opener). Ricky’s infomercial gets the benefit of uplifting stock rock in the mean time. The band gets its own awkward moment. Hi Josh.

The “… Like Clockwork” flash drive is up for sale now for $29.99 (hrm.) through the special website or a freakin’ toll-free number. Old school! Now strap your smartphone to your belt and start to win.

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