Freddy making the Olympics a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’

02.24.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Warner Bros.

Anyone notice anything strange while you were watching the Olympics the past few weeks?  No, it’s not the lack of snow and warm temperatures in Vancouver or how Bob Costas has seemed to go from that smart, cool broadcaster to crotchety old grandpa overnight.  Instead, you’ve been getting a surprisingly quick little “Nightmare” during those appropriately timed commercial breaks.

In an unconventional move, Warner Bros. has been slotting :15 second “A Nightmare on Elm Street” TV spots during prime time coverage of the Winter Games.  Considering the broad audience for the games is not your traditional horror audience that would seem unexpected, but the studio obviously feels they have more than your regular genre reboot on their hands.  The “Elm Street” franchise has been around for 26 years which means adults in their late 40s were going to the multiplex to get scared out of their wits with the groundbreaking first flick.   Take into account the material from the new incarnation looks more like an event picture than a cheap “Saw” sequel and its clear why Warner’s pushed “Nightmare” to April 30 right on the verge of summer moviegoing. This is a picture both teenagers and their parents may actually scream through together.

Or, of course, “Nightmare” executive producer Michael Bay’s huge ego may have just demanded the studio advertise there.  We’re betting on the former though.

To find out more about “Nightmare,” check out Daniel Fienberg’s insightful set visit story here.

In the meantime, the studio released a brand new poster embedded in this post.

Things get scary when “A Nightmare on Elm Street” opens nationwide on April 30.


The final poster for

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