‘Fuller House’ will have hugs, a dance scene, and Mr. Woodchuck

01.26.16 2 years ago

Netflix just released a featurette behind the scenes of its upcoming “Full House” revival, and it's got it all (except Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen):

– Slow motion shots of audience members cheering and cast members waving

– Kimmy Gibbler

– A dance sequence, probably cheesy

– A table read with Mr. Woodchuck (who seems to have recovered well from a tragic dog attack)

– Someone who actually owns and wears a “Jesse and the Rippers” T-shirt.

– How rudes and you got it dudes.

– The “Fuller House” cast looking genuinely excited and happy to be there.

And hopefully you, the “Full House” fan, also being genuinely excited and happy to watch when it's released on February 26.

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