FX’s New “Fargo” Trailer: Could This Be Perfect Television?

03.19.14 3 years ago

Look, it's not often I watch a TV trailer and think, “Wait. I definitely have to see this.” But there's something about FX's “Fargo” and its strong, almost zealous reverence to the Coen Brothers' original film that makes it seem unmissable. 

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Uh. Could a trailer be more perfect? Look, I've listed all the perfect things.

1. The sheer amount of “Fargo” buzzwords. Barf alone is a triumph.

2. Kate Walsh's wooziness

3. The astounding violence.

4. Furry police hats.

5. Colin Hanks doing his slightly-naive-man-in-authority thing, which brings back fond memories of his short-lived Fox series “The Good Guys.”

6. Billy Bob Thornton! Ohhhhhh, he is horrifying.

7. Sputtering Martin Freeman 4 lyfe.

8. Love the lookalike locales; that diner is the spitting image of the '96 cinematic version.

9. Bob Odenkirk. Phew.

Will you tune in? I'll be there April 15, dontcha know.

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