Game of Fashion: 63 ‘Game of Thrones’ dresses to conquer the world in

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The world of “Game of Thrones” is a dangerous place. Men and women wake up each morning wondering if today is the day treachery brings them down. It”s a world of battle and blood, muck and grime. 

Yet for all that, it”s also a bastion of fabulous fashion. Each character has a distinct style, and if that style changes, it”s either a reflection of their changed life circumstances of making a subtle statement to the audience. The men are adorned in crowns and intricately cut-out doublets. The knights wear armor worked over in metallurgy that evokes embroidery. Even the amount of detail that goes into the peasants” clothing is remarkable.

But nothing holds a candle to the works of art created by the costumer designers for the noblewomen. From Cersei and Sansa, to Catelyn and Daenerys, the early seasons were a bloody fight for power punctuated with flits of color and brocade. Later on Melisandre and Margaery added a much needed shake-up to the fashion status quo. After that Ellaria and Myrcella came along to keep the costume designers on their toes.

Each woman has had a bevy of beautiful clothing. After the jump, we”ve collected over 60 of their iconic looks from the last five seasons of “Game of Thrones.”

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