‘Game of Thrones’ actor David Bradley joins FX’s ‘The Strain’

11.21.13 4 years ago

“Game of Thrones” actor David Bradley joins FX’s “The Strain”
The “Harry Potter” actor who’s also famous for playing Walder Frey on “Game of Thrones” will replace John Hurt on the Guillermo del Toro series. He’ll play Professor Abraham Setrakian, a Holocaust survivor who runs a pawn shop.

“Boston’s Finest” cop commits suicide

Boston Police officer Pat Rogers appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 of the TNT reality show from producer Donnie Wahlberg. Rogers died hours before TNT’s premiere event on Tuesday, which was canceled.

Ron Perlman: “I was ready for this”
The “Sons of Anarchy” star talks about this week’s episode.

“The Simpsons” characters transform into musical instruments

Watch nexdt week’s 1930s “MusicVille” couch gag, an homage to the Disney cartoon “Music Land.”

Japanese TV to seek a Guinness World Record by airing 234 “NCIS” episodes back to back

The Fox Japan channel’s 10-day marathon, promoting Season 11, aims to capture the record for the longest uninterrupted transmission of a TV series.

“The Talk” will make a cameo on “Beauty and the Beast”
An episode will open with Vincent on the CBS daytime talk show.

Russia is getting the History channel;

Russian viewers will soon be able to watch shows like “Ice Road Truckers” and “Pawn Stars.”

“Two and a Half Men” books Odette Annable

She’ll romance Ashton Kutcher on the Jan. 2 episode.

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