Game of Thrones’: Hodor actor predicted his character’s fate in 2013

05.24.16 2 years ago


With Game of Thrones, it”s virtually impossible to predict how or when a character will get killed. But don”t tell Kristian Nairn that.

A 2013 interview with the man who played Hodor on GoT has resurfaced. In it, the gentle giant does just that, guessing nearly exactly how his character will perish.

When asked by Flicks in the City about how he wants to get killed off, the 6″10” actor said, “I'd like to die fighting an army of White Walkers…A huge action scene would be nice. I would enjoy that.”

As fans of the show know by now, Hodor was killed in an epic action scene while protecting Bran Stark from the White Walkers” zombie army.

Nairn did hedge his bets during that interview, hardly convinced he would die a hero. He said, “Knowing George R.R. Martin, [Hodor will] just be killed off and left dying in a ditch somewhere.”

Stick with your first guess.

Here's the interview.

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