10 Gender Bent ‘Hobbit’ Characters That Are Utter Perfection

01.28.14 6 Comments

Alexander Turchanin

They don’t call it the ‘Age of Men’ for nothing. Perhaps because it was written using the backdrop of World War I as reference or perhaps because it was written in the 1930s when sci-fi/fantasty was a boy’s club, the world of Middle Earth is quite the sausage fest. If the numbers from ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ can be taken as an accurate population census, the real threat to the realm is the inability to grow the population. We’re talking what – twenty males to every one female? Was there a very specific plague the reader was not made aware of? One perhaps that mutated the ‘X’ chromosome, leading to catastrophic organ failure and death?

Gross underrepresentation aside, there’s nothing wrong with any beloved story that a little cosplay can’t solve. In this case, Russian photographer Alexander Turchanin flipped the genders on Tolkien’s little band of dragon slayers and these are the beautiful results.

H/T: Imgur

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