George Harrison’s widow, Olivia, talks about new ‘Best Of,’ ‘Let It Roll’

06.18.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/HO

George Harrison may have inaccurately been dubbed “the quiet Beatle,” but fans of the guitarist know he was far from silent when he had something to say, either musically or about the state of the world.

Whether it was coordinating what is widely considered to be the first multi-artist charity concert with 1971’s Concert for Bangladesh” or landing the first No. 1 single post-Beatles of any of the Fab Four, Harrison’s legacy as both a musician and humanitarian is secure.

On June 16, EMI released “Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison,” the first “best-of” compilation that spans Harrison’s entire solo career.  Also coming is the Beatles’ highly-anticipated version of Rock Band in September, as well as the entire re-mastered and re-issued Beatles catalog.

I talked with Harrison’s widow, Olivia, recently for AOL about Harrison’s legacy, forthcoming reissues and what it was like living with Harrison. We saved some content for Hitfix: Olivia and I also talked about her favorite Harrison song, “Run of the Mill,” and the message she feels Harrison left in that song. “It’s talking about your final moment in life…and it reminds you, ‘Pay attention in your life. What you’re doing today is going to matter.”

Plus, she teased that the forthcoming Beatles reissues will not only sound great, they’ll look great. “We really opened up the photographic vault; we just put so many photos in there.” She adds that Apple Corps., which oversees the Beatles’ business interests, “created visuals for every album….that’s why I think it was worth waiting for…the physical re-masters and the music, but you’re going to get film and photographs.”

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