Get hooked on ‘Breaking Bad’ all over again with these bitchin’ episode posters

02.23.14 4 years ago


If you're like me, you loved the shit out of “Breaking Bad,” you ate up every single second of “Breaking Bad” with untold relish, you binge-watched at least four “Breaking Bad” episodes in a single day, and you have no desire to ever watch “Breaking Bad” ever again. Also, okay, maybe that finale was a tad bit overrated? Just a little? Maybe?

Anyhow, there's this Tumblr blog called Posterology, see, and the guy that runs it has made a totally amazing poster for every single “Breaking Bad” episode ever made by distilling each episode down to a single essential image (I've embedded a few of my favorites below). Which automatically makes him an awesome human, who also just so happens to be selling these posters for the relatively low price of $20 a piece. Which would buy you, like, a fifth of a gram of meth on the street (or so the internet tells me). My advice? Don't buy the meth. Buy the poster.

(see more at Posterology)

Season 2, Episode 6:

Season 2, Episode 7:

Season 2, Episode 13:

Season 3, Episode 1:

Season 3, Episode 3:

Season 3, Episode 5:

Season 3, Episode 13:

Season 4, Episode 11:

Season 5, Episode 4:

Season 5, Episode 8:

Season 5, Episode 14:

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