Yikes. Golden Globes confused Gina Rodriguez with America Ferrera.

12.10.15 2 years ago

Yikes. This is not the way you want to start your morning.

America Ferrera was on hand to announce the Golden Globe nominees, but if you believed the Globes” official Twitter account, it was not Ferrera but Gina Rodriguez onstage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills this morning.

Here”s the tweet containing the error that”s since been deleted.


But that wasn”t the only time the Hollywood Foreign Press Association misidentified the actress they”d hired to announce their nominations. The mistake was made in not one but two of their tweets.


What makes this all the more embarrassing is that both of these Latina actresses have won Golden Globes, Ferrera for “Ugly Betty” in 2007 and Rodriguez this year for “Jane the Virgin.” And today, she earned a second nomination for her role as Jane Villanueva.

The HFPA apologized in a statement: “What occurred this morning was an unfortunate error. Our sincerest apologies to both America and Gina.”

For the list of nominees that Ferrera helped announce today, click here.

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