GOP threatens debate boycott of NBC and CNN over Hillary Clinton TV specials

08.05.13 4 years ago

GOP threatens debate boycott of NBC and CNN over Hillary Clinton TV specials
Republican National Committee chair Reince Preibus sent letters to NBC and CNN saying that if NBC doesn’t cancel its miniseries and CNN doesn’t yank its planned documentary, the RNC will vote next week to “neither partner with you in 2016 primary debates nor sanction primary debates which you sponsor.”

MTV orders a reality show about virgins
Cameras will follow young adults ages 18 to 25 as they deal with the pressures of being a virgin. PLUS: MTV orders “Snackdown” and “MTV’s House of Food.”

“Awkward” renewed with 2 new showrunners
The MTV series will officially be back for Season 4.

Shonda Rhimes wants to know early if her original cast members are leaving “Grey’s Anatomy”
Rhimes has asked ABC Studios to figure out who’s going to stay or go sooner than later. “If one of the Originals is going to be leaving I want to give them the beautiful exit they deserve,” she says. “I don”t want to be kept guessing about what”s going to happen.”

“Scandal’s” Season 3 will start 22 minutes after the end of Season 2
Shonda Rhimes and her cast revealed that and other tidbits last night at the TCAs.

ABC has begun talks with Lucasfilm for a live-action “Star Wars”

“I certainly have a glint in my eye,” says ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee. “They have a lot on their plate when you look at the features that they”re planning on rolling out for the next few years, but we”ve started conversations with them.”

Zooey Deschanel defends the way she speaks
The “New Girl” star tells Marie Claire: “I became aware that people were criticizing the way I speak, which seems weird to me. I speak the way I speak, and I am an intelligent person.”

“The Simpsons” theme park selling Conan O’Brien-themed ice cream
Visitors can buy “Ice Cream Conans” at Lard Lad Donuts.

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