Great Scott! Marty McFly’s hoverboard is up for auction

06.30.16 1 year ago

It”s only 117 days until Christmas. So if you”re struggling to figure out what to get that fanboy or fangirl in your life, we have the answer for you. It just might be a little costly

Over the course of the next couple days, the website is giving people the chance to own part of Hollywood history. Some Star Wars items up for auction include a Stormtrooper Blaster (current bid: $20,000), Luke Skywalker”s combat suit (minimum bid: $10,000) and an original Star Wars script signed by George Lucas (current bid: $15,000).

For those into other types of movies and TV shows, they have that too. Marty McFly”s Mattel Hoverboard could be yours for as little as $40,000. Also available is Tom Cruise “Cole Trickle” racing helmet from Days of Thunder (minimum bid: $1,500) or the Wilma Flintstone dress, as worn by Elizabeth Perkins. That will only set you back $2,500 or so.

Even if you can”t afford any of these items (mostly because they”re the price of a mid-sized car), it”s still fun to window shop. Just imagine yourself in Mr. T”s “Clubber Lang” robe from Rocky III. It”s for sale too…for $3,000 minimum.

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