Watch: Green Day surrounds themselves with models and ennui in video for ‘Oh Love’

08.15.12 5 years ago

Green Day”s video for its new single, “Oh Love” may as well be retitled “Oh Lust,” although there”s nothing particularly sexy in the cliched clip that has the trio playing in a rehearsal space to a very select audience of tattooed models.

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There”s initially no interaction at all between the band and the models, even after, as the lyrics reveal, love has gone on a break about midway the song, as Billie Joe Armstrong sings, “Talked myself out of feeling, talked my way out of control.” In fact, the models seem much more into each other and some little girl-on-girl action until the end of the video when there”s a scene that is going to have little kids asking mom and dad what Armstrong is doing between that girl”s thighs. The video debuted today on MTV.

Boys will be boys, but does Green Day really need bubblegum-blowing groupies to still get themselves going? Directed by Sam Bayer (yes, the director behind Nirvana”s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”), the clip plays like an extended Victoria”s Secret video. Perhaps the worst offense is that Green Day is an extremely fun, energetic, engaging band to see live and you would not know it from this clip, pretty dolls and all.

 “Oh Love” is the first single from “Uno,” which comes out Sept 25. As we reported earlier today, Green Day will appear on MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sept. 6.

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