Watch: Green Day’s ‘Stray Heart’ warns the womanizer

11.07.12 5 years ago

We already exclaimed the positives to acts like Green Day releasing their new sets — including forthcoming “¡Dos!” — on vinyl. In the music video for single “Stray Heart,” though, not even the gift of a record can help solve one womanizer’s stray heart problem.

In the silly vid, a man’s most powerful organ has departed from it’s holding cavity (his chest, guttermind) and has gone around to the bars and strip clubs where it frequently serves others beyond his true love. This, in a world where he is surrounded by nothing but attractive women. The lost and devestated man goes on a hunt for his own heart, finding it has ultimately returned to its regular coop.

Maybe she just didn’t have a record player?

“¡Dos!” is the second in a trilogy of albums from Green Day, and it will hit shelves next week (Nov. 13). Right now, fans can listen to a complete stream of the set here, to preview before buying and then giving it to their girlfriends as conciliatory gifts.

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