Seth Rogen explains ‘Green Hornet’ release date shift

08.29.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

I’d like to make one thing perfectly clear:  a date change for “The Green Hornet” does NOT mean that the film is dead.

I still feel bad that my reporting of those (obviously incorrect) rumors created difficulties for Rogen right as they were trying to find a new director.  That eventually turned out quite well for them, though, when they signed Michel Gondry, who has been quite vocal about his plans for the film.  I’m intrigued by the idea of Gondry helming a big-budget action film, almost as much as I’m intrigued by the idea of Seth Rogen starring in one.  The search for Kato also proved to be a lengthy process, finally resulting in the casting of Jay Chou.

Now, though, with cast members like Cameron Diaz and Nicolas Cage signed on as well, it looks like the film may finally be ready to roll.  It’s just that there’s no way they’re going to rush the film for a release date next summer.  So when ran the story earlier that the film is moving, I decided to ask Seth directly what he thinks of moving to Christmas.

According to Seth, that’s a good thing.  Here’s what he had to say when I asked him about it this afternoon:

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“We’re both relieved and psyched about the change.  It gives more time for post, which would have been immensely rushed if we were to come out in the summer.  It also affords us more time to promote the film, (now we can go to Comic-Con with more than a car!) and ultimately is a great vote of confidence from the studio.  We got the same date that movies like ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Avatar’ are getting, so we’re thrilled to be there.”

Makes sense to me.  There’s nothing wrong with a pre-Christmas date.  In fact, that’s a nice piece of counter-programming for an action film like this, as opposed to the summer, when a film like this might risk being “just one more” of the same sort of thing.

Little by little, this one’s coming into focus, and it’s starting to sound like one of the weirdest superhero-type films in development.  I’m all for that, and I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up.

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