Guess the Name of Mariah Carey’s New ‘Beverage.’ Just Guess.

06.10.14 3 years ago 3 Comments

Mariah Carey, who is officially the Jayne Mansfield of R&B/pop, is releasing a new “melodic beverage” with the company Go N'Syde, which is apparently real. The ubiquitous chanteuse drank some of the swill from a champagne glass, even though I'm pretty sure it's a tea-type drink. 

Can you guess the drink's name? Think it over. You get one guess.

While you mull that over, I'll post a whole bunch of incorrect guesses.

-Fizzin' of Love

-Yummy Mottola 

-We Oolong Together 

-One Sweet Drank

-Thank God I Quaffed You


-Don't Forget About Glugs

-Dr. Glitter

-Slake It Off

-Nick Cannon Presents 'Wild 'N Ahhhh.'

-Antioxidants Remix [feat. Da Brat]

-Always Be My Bubbly

-Precious Based on the Novel DE-LISH By Sapphire


Nope, none of those. The correct answer is:



Yep. It's 2014 and Mariah Carey's still naming things after Lisa Frank stickers. God bless this sacred, perfect celebrity.

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